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Got a new floor renovation job in mind? Protect your investment without taking any chances by working with professional contractors.

Plastering is a process of covering exposed brick walls with a layer of plaster mortar and other essential materials. It is done to build a solid construction work base and make your property look good for years to come.

With solid wall plastering, you can ensure that your residential or commercial property is completely sealed off and levelled. This weatherproof technology offers an array of benefits to the customers..

Do you want to protect your walls from water or moisture build-up?

Crown Solid Plaster can help. For 20 years, we continue to remain one of the leading plastering and rendering service providers in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We constantly work on developing new and refined rendering services for commercial buildings and houses. With a dedicated team and employment of high-quality coating products, we are sure that you’ll get everything you need to renovate your space here.

We offer solid plaster services to increase the lifespan of your walls and keep them clean and dry regardless of the weather conditions. Now you can safeguard your house and family from fire damage by going for quality plastering services.

Why Hire Us?

Crown Solid Plaster has the perfect practical solutions to all your solid plastering needs. For us, every project that comes to us is equally important. We work 24/7 to keep everything on track, we ensure to provide quick and effective services without compromising the quality of work.

Our team of flooring contractors is trained and equipped to handle all sorts of large-scale commercial projects. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your upgraded flooring. This is the reason why customers return to us whenever they require services for solid plastering in Melbourne.

Ready for the unique transformation? You can speak to our customer support team on 0458 137 171 or connect with us online. If you have a specific look in mind, let us know. Our team will come up with customised flooring solutions to address your specific needs.

What We Offer?

  • · Reliable and experienced professionals you can trust
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Unmatched services and results
  • Quality flooring materials and supplies
  • Advanced installation techniques

Why Should You Choose Solid Wall Plastering?

In solid plastering, a layer of plaster is directly applied to the walls or ceilings, apart from sealing it, it also levels the surface evenly. Considering Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, most people prefer to go with solid plastering due to its waterproofing properties. The walls develop a high level of resistance against moisture and mould development.

The plaster is less likely to crack or break, the wide aesthetics and texture options make it a practical choice for homeowners.

Visit our website and find out how we deliver nothing but quality services. Over the years we have helped several of our clients with their construction and renovation jobs